Chris Green is proud to present his latest film, Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed. It's packed with action, instruction and entertainment. And is designed for ALL pigeon shooters, from beginner to advanced.

Following the massive success of his first three Pigeon Shooting films, Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed is yet again a professionally produced epic film. Crammed with action from start to finish and loaded with tips on all aspects of the advanced decoyers' art. Techniques which will definitely improve your sport and make you think again!

Brilliantly filmed and narrated by Chris Green the 'Cornish Countryman' in his own unique and
often hilarious style, he reveals the secrets of his success.

If you want to become a master pigeon shooter then Chris Green's films are an absolute must.

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Watch the brand new trailer for a taster of what to expect in Chris Green's Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed Vol. 1
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Chris Green's brand new DVD, Pigeon Shooting: The Whole Story Volume 2 has at last been completed! It's available to buy exclusively from this website NOW!!

Just go to the DVD page on the website and click on the BUY NOW button. If you've purchased Volume One from this site then you should be familiar with how to buy the next copy.

All orders will be sent out on the same day of purchase, so get your DVD players primed for the next installment of the ultimate pigeon shooting experience!


Set in his home county of Cornwall, and filmed entirely by himself (with help from his son James and his two farmer friends), Chris has used all his experience and high standards, to bring you two truly original country films crammed with action and country life. Volume 2 is even bigger than the first, with 111 packed minutes of pigeon shooting adventures, so you get even more Chris Green and even more pigeon shooting action!



It's been very encouraging to have such a positive response from Pigeon Shooting Volume One. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write to me about how much they enjoyed my first DVD. I hope you will all enjoy the second DVD just as much. I know I enjoyed making it!

Over the past year, I have had a lot of enquiries about Chis Green's Wildfowling: The Whole Story. I have been promising to get this done but I have been so busy making decoys, producing two Pigeon Shooting DVDs, filming footage for the videos, going to game fairs (not to mention keeping the missus happy!) that the wildfowling DVD appeared to have fallen by the wayside. NOT SO! The very first of my Wildfowling DVDs is due Summer 2008.


Although it may seem, by the looks of this photo, that I've been sitting down on the job, I have been incredibly busy putting together my wildfowling DVD. I'm very excited about it because I've been doing what I love best and filming all of my adventures, which I hope to share with all you very soon.

It started on a below freezing day in January 2003 at around 5am in the morning. My cameraman and I went out to the wild, winters estuary and we captured some great footage but it was never enough for me to give a good enough impression of what us wildfowlers do best. I've since taken over camera duties in order to capture a true wildfowler's perspective along with my trusty gun dog, Tom, of course! It's been 4 whole years in the making and soon everyone can see what I've been upto.

In fact, you can see some video clips from my upcoming DVD, Wildfowling the Whole Story AND The Art of Puntgunning. Simply click on one of the pictures below.
Here are some of the things to look forward to with my DVD:
  • Watch the wildfowling experience through the eyes of an expert
  • 4 years of filming honed to perfection
  • A unique experience with a wildfowling madman
  • All the best wildfowling footage you could want from teasing Brent geese to bagging Canadas.
  • Join the last punt gunner in the south-west with my homemade triple-barrelled gun as I paddle along the estuary.
  • A wildfowling perspective from the start of the shooting season right through to the very end.
  • Don't be fooled by other people's badly-edited £20 DVDs.
  • This is the world of wildfowling for the mad-keen enthusiast.
  • This is the definitive wildfowling DVD.


Pigeon Shooting the Whole Story Volume Three

Wildfowling the Whole Story Volumes One and Two

The Art of Puntgunning

The Forgotten Art of Longnetting Rabbits

The Art of Sport Fishing


"What else have I been upto?" I hear you ask. Well, over the past few years you may have seen me in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's programme, A Cook on the Wild Side and Rick Stein's Food Heroes. I will be appearing this year at nearly all the major shows alongside the BASC.

I hope to keep you all informed of my latest exploits, when my DVD will be available and when I will be appearing at all of the latest shows through the website. Unfortunately, it's not fully-functional yet but I just wanted everyone to know that was up and running and that you will soon be able to get a copy of my DVD through this very site.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what they'd like to see on my website, whether they like what we've done around here or have any suggestions then please contact us on

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